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Free Tools

Sample screenshots

  • QIBA Lung Nodule Profile Calculator: This prototype calculator demonstrates the ability to obtain RSNA QIBA guidance on the amount of error present when measuring the volume and change in volume of solid lung nodules in currently available CT scanners.
  • Free CT Image Quality Reports: This first of its kind online demonstration service allows a site to upload a 3D CT DICOM dataset of three rolls of 3M Scotch Magic Tape and emails back a quantitative image quality report. Initial reports provide users with fundamental image quality measures for the scanner/protocol used as well as estimated clinical task performance for solid lung nodule detection and change measurement.

Consulting Services

Consulting-related screenshots
Accumetra provides consultation and custom software development services to institutions that wish to better understand and improve image quality across all imaging modalities. This includes:

  • Sites that would like to monitor and optimize imaging performance.
  • Study sponsors interested in maintaining high image quality across clinical sites.
  • Research institutions seeking a better understanding of their use of imaging.

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