A Comprehensive CT Lung Cancer Screening Management System
ScreeningPLUS is an advanced cloud-based management system loaded with best practice features and reports learned from the over 25 year I-ELCAP lung cancer screening experience, including easy to fill out web forms, auto generated reports, and electronic communication with EHRs.
The Accumetra Quality Assurance system
The Accumetra Quality Assurance (ACQA) system provides clinical sites with the most advanced CT calibration phantom and automated cloud-based phantom analysis service for lung nodules in the world. The ACQA system and our phantoms (CTLX1 and CTLX2) help a clinical site ensure that a CT scanner and image acquisition protocol are operating at a high level of solid lung nodule volume measurement performance, according to RSNA/QIBA guidelines.
Features of the System
  • Less than 5 minutes to scan phantom
  • Less than 10 minutes to receive analysis report
  • Reports are easy to read and understand
  • Phantom analysis covers out to 200mm
  • Fully automated cloud based analysis
  • No extra time needed to orient the phantoms
  • Expert guidance provided to resolve issues
  • Ultra-low cost phantoms (~10x lower cost)
Plus contributing to the ACQA network helps improve global CT image quality standards