Advancing the Science

of image-based decision making

Accumetra is committed to advancing the science of image-based decision making. We provide new and advanced tools to better
understand, optimize, and monitor image quality and expert consultation to help quantitatively improve clinical site performance.
Accumetra is now working with the Radiological Society of North America’s® (RSNA) Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers Alliance® (QIBA)
to provide conformance certification services to clinical sites, CT scanner vendors, and analysis software vendors. These new
services enable organizations to achieve conformance with QIBA’s CT Small Lung Nodule Profile and receive a new
QIBA Conformance Certification Mark. The new QIBA Conformance Certification service provides an easy to use
phantom and cloud-based quantitative analysis tools that allow institutions to thoroughly understand and
optimize CT image quality for specific clinical measurement tasks. Learn more about this ground-breaking
new approach to achieving high levels of CT lung nodule measurement performance through the link below.
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Once conformance certification has been achieved, your institution can use these Conformance Certification Marks to demonstrate the achievement to customers and collaborators

Clinical Site Conformance Mark

CT Scanner Vendor Conformance Mark

CT Software Vendor Conformance Mark