Accumetra Presents at the 18th World Conference on Lung Cancer in Yokohoma, Japan

October 14, 2017 Accumetra will present two invited talks, two posters, and is co-author on a Plenary Talk at WCLC 2017:

  • WS 01.12 – Planning for USA Registries for CT Screened Images – What Are Their Objectives?
  • WS 02.15 – Quality Control for Lung Imaging Biomarkers.
  • P2.13-026b – A Novel Ultra Low Cost CT Image Quality Measurement Device.
  • P3.13-035 – Automatic Estimation of Measurement Error on CT Imaging.
  • PL 01.02 – Major Advances in CT Screening: A Radiologist’s Perspective.

More information on the presentation and the conference will be available at the WCLC 2017 website.